Alcon The London Stare

The Dailies Total 1 contact lens has an innovative surface made with over 80% water. 9 in 10 people who have tried them said they couldn’t feel the lens. It’s safe to say they are the most comfortable contact lens ever made.

When all contact lenses are always sold on comfort, how could we communicate how incredibly comfortable these lenses are in a way that was as new and as innovative as the product?

We turned it all around, and reminded people what it’s like to be uncomfortable…
…and to a British person, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to keep eye contact with a complete stranger.

We created a multichannel campaign – The London Stare – a campaign that literally put our customers eyes to the test.


Over a quarter million people interacted with the digital outdoor experience.
Almost 2000 contestants participated in the Westfield East VS west stare off.

But most importantly, we got people talking about the brand. We increased the brand awareness 4 times.

Special thanks goes to Stuart O'Neill, Oksana Valentelis, Per Nielsen, Matt Mitchell and Matt Seccombe.

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